Landlord Tenant, Lemon Law & Civil Issues

We specialize in preparing you to fight a landlord, eviction process, or car dealership trying to take advantage of individuals

Divorce, Family Law & Probate

If you are filing for Divorce, handling your own child custody battle, to dealing with a loss in the family.


We provide notary’s in our office or we will have someone go to you. 


Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Filing (Only)


We offer Preparation for any document but here are just a few prices:

Notary $10-$75

Bankruptcy $190

Divorce without Children $300

Wills & Testaments $150

Small Claims Preparation $75-$500

Do you have an issue in some other field of Law? Contact us so we can tell you if we can help!

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“We are not attorney’s so we can not give you legal advice but we help make sure your documents are prepared properly.”